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A confusing situation

It’s no surprise that many people find retirement planning confusing – much has changed in recent years and pensions are no longer as clear-cut or reassuring as they used to be. Often people find themselves in a position where they have a number of plans – state pensions, company schemes and personal pensions – and are not sure how and if they will all come together.

Adding to this confusion are new rules enabling greater flexibility of access. It’s more important than ever that you understand the implications of decisions you make, but where do you start?

Planning with confidence

One of the most integral things we can do for you is to simplify your retirement plans. Ian King Financial Planning will evaluate any current plans you have, and create a realistic strategy to help you achieve the lifestyle you are hoping for in retirement.

As with savings and investments, choosing the right combination of plans is vital. We will work together on a strategy that brings together the best options for your circumstances and is easy to understand and manage, giving you confidence and clarity as you continue through your career and look towards the future.

Your journey

Create a plan that keeps on working hard for you, whatever you want to achieve.

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Savings & investments

Make the most of your finances with an intelligent strategy and proactive approach.

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Retirement planning

Bring clarity and simplicity to your retirement planning with a solution that's easier to manage.

Wills & estate planning

Take good care of your assets with up-to-date, coherent and thorough planning.

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