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there’s another
way to plan for
your future

The conventional approach

See a traditional financial adviser and you can expect to buy individual products to answer your needs – for example, a pension or a savings plan. This might seem like the obvious and most rational approach, but what if these products don’t adapt to your changing needs over time? And most importantly, how do you know that they are going to help you achieve your goals? You may only discover the pitfalls when it’s too late to make effective changes.

We work differently

Not all financial advice is the same. At Ian King Financial Planning and we will work together with you to create a plan, not a collection of products.

Ask yourself what your dreams are for the future – would you like to help your children through university? Would you like to retire early or have the adventure of a lifetime? By really considering what you hope to achieve through your life and legacy, we can create a coherent and realistic plan that will always work in your best interests. By forging a long-term relationship with you and reviewing your objectives over time, we can ensure that your plan continues to meet your needs and truly makes the most of your finances.

We care about what we do and we don’t believe in quick sales and short-term profit. We believe in making a difference and helping you to realise your dreams.

Your journey

Create a plan that keeps on working hard for you, whatever you want to achieve.

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Savings & investments

Make the most of your finances with an intelligent strategy and proactive approach.

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Retirement planning

Bring clarity and simplicity to your retirement planning with a solution that's easier to manage.

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Wills & estate planning

Take good care of your assets with up-to-date, coherent and thorough planning.

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