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A common problem

Wills and estate planning can be a neglected aspect of personal financial planning. Although necessary, the topic may seem remote or simply unpleasant to think about.

Because of this, families are sometimes left to negotiate plans that are vague, ineffective or out-of-date. Not only can this be distressing, it is also a great shame considering the years of effort that will have gone into building an estate.

The impact of a financial legacy can be dramatic. Making clear and effective plans is an empowering step to reducing your own worries and reassuring your loved ones.

The wise approach

Many people fail to make plans for their legacy altogether, or where a Will has been made, often it will give instruction merely to divide an estate between closest living relatives. Care should be taken with such simplistic plans as they may overlook tax implications, the possibility of undesirable beneficiaries, and the fact that by human nature, lump sums of money can be misspent and wasted.

Ian King Financial Planning will work with you to create a comprehensive Will and estate plan that leaves less room for misinterpretation. A plan that will truly benefit yourself and your family has the flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances, and makes bloodline protection a priority. We do this because we know that bloodline protection presents the greatest threat to your estate, much more so than Inheritance Tax (IHT). Social changes and problems that your beneficiaries may present in the future, such as divorce and bankruptcy, can put the entire estate at risk. The plan we create with you will be ready to cope with and negotiate any such issues that arise.

We are experts in Wills and estate planning, and are ready to answer your needs whatever your goals and situation. Should you have ambitious plans for your legacy, perhaps to pursue lifelong dreams or enrich the life experiences of your family and community, The Family Legacy SolutionTM can help.

Please note that The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate tax advice or Wills.

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